• Testimonials

  • My family and I highly recommend Today's Dental Care. The staff provide exceptional and competent dental care. The staff, the hygienists, and the doctors collectively produce a dental experience that is professional, friendly, and strange as it sounds for a dental office, comfortable. I can think of no higher recommendation than that coming from my four year old son, who looks forward to, rather than fears, his dental visits. We look forward to choosing Today's Dental Care for as long as their doors are open, and will continue to recommend their services to our friends and family.

    Brian Williams

  • Very friendly and quick service. Very respectable prices as well. It had been a long time since I had been to a dentist and Dr. Coombs was great. I had a broken wisdom tooth that needed immediate attention and they had me taken care of the same day. I recommend this office highly and will be back again.

    Jonathan Mills

  • Love all of the staff here. Always so friendly and professional. My experience here was nothing short of amazing! My first visit here I was mortified of the dentist due to previous experiences and Vaughn the hygienist was so patient with me and walked me through every step of what he was doing and was so kind to me. He even called me a few days later to ask how i was and if there was anything he could do for me. I appreciate everything this office has to offer. Definitely would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a group of people who treat you like your family.

    Vanessa Ridgway

  • The staff are friendly, know what they are doing, and do a good job. They had me in and out quickly, and were able to do everything I needed. I was able to schedule appointments easily and didn't have to wait weeks between operations. Everything was good. In addition to fixing the problems, they teach how to prevent as well.

    Gabriel Meyer

  • I loved it!! The team was so professional and attentive. Great, positive, clean environment. I would definitely recommend this office to all friends, family and strangers.

    Monica Sousa

  • The office is nice and comfortable, and the staff is very professional. I have always had dental anxiety and been terrified of the dentist, but here I am always made so relaxed that I actually fall asleep in the chair during my work!

    Clarence buatte